Our Instructors


Ken Logan

Tumbling, Acro, Strength

Ken started preparing to be on stage at age two, when he began training with a retired Vaudeville acrobat. He continued the pursuit of physical achievement at Iowa State University, where he received a B.S. in Health and Human Performance, (which is fancy talk for Exercise Science). He has performed all around the country with dance studios, circus troupes, and community theatres.

Having performed on stages and worked with mentors from around the globe, Ken brings a wide range of skills. From hand-balancing to stilt-walking to bad puns. And now, he gets the opportunity to teach with others who embrace his sense of humor… or at least tolerate it.


Sam Retzloff

Aerial, Flow Arts, Stretch

Samantha is a high flying, fire wielding, circle dancing acrobat who brings unique and awe-inspiring cirque-style entertainment in both her performances and her teachings! She found her true calling within the circus arts after picking up a hula hoop and has never looked back (considering she only looks upside down!) Her passion has only increased with time and she is ecstatic to help you get started on your journey!


Marissa Hurst


Marissa has been loving flying high with Iowa Circus Arts for over a year. She was introduced to the world of aerial by a friend and instantly fell in love. She enjoys being able to express herself through dance and movement. When she is not tangled in the fabric, you can find her in the classroom teaching 5th grade.