Classes We Offer:

Group Class Rates:

Aerial Classes

  • Intro to Aerial (beginner)

  • Aerial Fabric (mixed-level)

  • Aerial Hammock (mixed-level)

  • Aerial Hoop (mixed-level)

Ground/Open Classes

  • Acrobatic Tumbling

  • Circus Boot Camp

  • Cyr Wheel

  • Get Bendy (Acrobatic Stretching)

  • Ground Hooping (Hula Hooping)

  • Handbalancing

  • Open Aerial

  • Partner Acrobatics

Specialty Classes

  • Kids Circus and Aerial (4-weeks)

  • Professional Prep (6-weeks)

  • Flyday Friday (specialty workshops)

Aerial Drop-In Rate: $20 per class
5 Aerial Class Punch Card: $90
10 Aerial Class Punch Card: $160

Ground/Open Drop In Rate: $10 per class
5 Ground/Open Class Punch Card: $45
10 Ground/Open Class Punch Card: $80

Unlimited Monthly Membership: $175

Aerial Classes

Intro to Aerial (beginner)
Ready to defy gravity? From the trapeze, to the aerial hoop and aerial fabric, there’s no better way to have fun, get fit, and improve your coordination. No experience is necessary. Classes are individualized to your needs and strengths. This class will build upper-body and core strength, increase range of motion and flexibility, challenge your fears, and develop your body awareness. The recommended attire for aerial classes is long sleeved tight fitting shirt with tights or leggings and bare feet.

Aerial Fabric (mixed-level)

Climb to the sky on a ribbon of fabric! In this class, we  build from foundational skills, incorporating climbs, inverts, foot locks, drops, and much more! We will also begin exploring simple transitions and how to flow with the fabric. Whether you are ready to enhance your silks knowledge, or just starting out, come “hang” with us. Being in the air has never been this fun!

Aerial Hammock (mixed-level)
Are you ready to get wrapped up in fun? This aerial hammock class is all about exploring possibilities with your body and the apparatus. All skill levels are welcome to "hang" with us, as the instructor tailors the class toward your abilities. Drop in and fly a while every Saturday morning!

Aerial Hoop (mixed-level)
Did you enjoy hanging from your knees on the monkey bars as a kid? Looking for a unique exercise and artistic expression? This class is for you! Learn traditional poses, hangs, and graceful movement on the beautiful steel apparatus. As a mixed level class, variations are explored to fit the individual students' skill set and showcase their strength and flexibility levels. Tricks and transitions are introduced along with a focus on fluidity and artistry as we spin, roll, turn, and  drop!


Ground Classes

Acrobatic Tumbling
Rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and more! This class starts with fundamentals of floor acrobatics, incorporating strength and agility drills. From there, the only limits are your goals. Whether you want a larger movement vocabulary for theater, better falling technique for martial arts, or just want to learn something cool to show off at the next family reunion, Acrobatic Tumbling is the class for you!

Circus Boot Camp
Circus Boot Camp is a great class for students at any level that want to focus on fundamentals and building core skills. Conditioning will whip you into shape, whether your goal is to become a better aerialist, or just to pump up those muscles. In this class we will lead you through cardio, strengthening, and flexibility exercises on the floor and in the air.

Cyr Wheel
Cyr wheel is a giant metal hoop that you stand in while spinning in circles. It combines an amazing core workout with the fun of spinning around. Once you get the basic steps it is ridiculously fun and feels much like skating. Expect to drill the basic waltz step and work on basic wheel manipulations. Athletic shoes that cover your toes are recommended.

Get Bendy (Acrobatic Stretching)
Looking to get a flat split? Or maybe just to touch your toes? Get ready to Get Bendy like an acrobat! Stretching increases your range of motion, which not only makes you look more amazing when on an aerial apparatus, it also helps to prevent injury.  In this class, we teach contortion-style stretching with a focus on shoulders, back, and hips.  All flexibility levels are welcome in this class.

Ground Hooping (Hula Hooping)
Curious about learning a new skill while dancing and having a blast? This hoop class will break down moves such as waist hooping, isolations, and escalators, just to name a few. We will also be focusing on dance and flow. Learning new tricks is great, but connecting with your prop and dancing through exploration is what truly makes your art your own! No prior experience is necessary and hula hoops will be provided, but if you have your own they are welcome!

It's all in the name, but allow us to explain: Balance things with your hands. What things, you ask? Yourself, or another person. In Handbalancing, you will work on proper body alignment for handstands by yourself, as well as foot-to-hand and hand-to-hand with another person. Don't get stuck looking at life the same way every day. Turn your world upside down with Handbalancing!

Open Aerial
Come on in during open aerial to practice the skills you are learning in aerial class! An aerial instructor will be present to ensure you a safe and happy practice time. No instruction is give during this time, just a chance to practice your existing skills. Open to current aerial students at the Des Moines Social Club, but those with experience from elsewhere may participate with approval.

Partner Acrobatics
Meet new people and throw them into the air! Partner Acro consists of one person (the "base") supporting another (the "flyer") in various poses and dynamic movements. This class will include balances and transitions, with a focus on fundamentals and safe spotting techniques. No need to bring a partner - we'll all work together!

Specialty Classes

Kids Circus and Aerial (4-week enrollment)
Want to learn amazing new skills that will impress your friends and family? Come and learn circus arts from a real circus performer. Kids will try out fun activities like juggling, hooping, balancing, aerial and floor acrobatics, and even more! Prior experience with structured classes, (such as dance or gymnastics) is beneficial, but not required.

Flyday Fridays
A taste of something we don't teach every week. Sometimes it's on the ground, and sometimes in the air. Juggling, Stilt-walking, Cyr Wheel, and Wall Dancing are among the many possibilities. Check our booking calendar to see what is offered on any given week.